[torsen] Static weight and torque bias of the S4tt - correction

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Thu Dec 7 07:42:02 EST 2000

In a message dated 12/7/00 6:03:33 AM Central Standard Time, 
Jani.Peltopuro at poyry.fi writes:

> Scott,
>  static weight balance at 60r/40??? In S4tt?
>  Does that mean that the S4tt is almost as rear weight biased as the early 
>  911s? I think it has to be 60f/40? What about the torque, is it 54r/46? 
>  Jani
Jani hi:
It's still early here, thanks for the catch.  Let me do the correction this 

2000>present S4 2.7ttq per AUDI AG:
STATIC WEIGHT  DISTRIBUTION:  60% front /40% rear
STATIC TORQUE DISTRIBUTION:  46% front/ 54% rear
CURB WEIGHT:  3593 Manual/3704 Tiptronic
DRIVELINE:  All wheel drive quattro with Torsen center differential/ open 
f-r,  Electronic Differential Lock  (2 channel), ABS 5.3, defeatable 
Electronic Stability Program (2001)

That now clear (I double cked and turned on the coffee;), does anyone know 
the limits of torque transfer under power on the S4tt torsen?


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