[torsen] Seeking info on engines ( you do engines here too dontcha)

S4audinut at aol.com S4audinut at aol.com
Fri Dec 8 20:28:04 EST 2000

I wish to hear the views on porting/polishing heads for AAN 20v turbos, from 
the point of view of which tricks are most beneficial besides a comp. valve 
job. I am wishing to flow  500-600cfm and have heard differing views on the 
subject. Is it necessary  to port or extrude hone manifold w/this level of 
flow? If I do not lower compression is it necessary to coat pistons. I will 
be using a sport Q manifold so flow here should not be a problem. Big 
intercooler and appropriate 3" tubing. I am not looking to throw money away 
if not necessary. Car will have Carrilo rods and the pistons will be 
available, but is this a good idea. I raced drag cars in the past and we 
built everything to the max and turned up the boost and gigglegas, but I dont 
know if these cars need the same protection the Fords did. The turbo builds 
this flow at 16lbs boost and heat from it wont be a problem with a fast Tile 
wastegate. Any BTDT from you gearheads. This engine is getting expensive and 
I need too many other things to throw my resc. away.
BTW if anyone has a good prepared head/intake for my s4 shoot me a post. I 
just bought part of a salvage late 94 s2 from England and have a 60,000km 
engine and "good" 6sp tranny with the heavy gear and mainshaft. If any need 
the s2 intake or any other pieces peculiar to the engine contact me. I know 
where to get the other pieces if anyone is trying to build a US s2 or RS2.

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