[torsen] Re: [s-cars] Re: static torque bias

Eric Fletcher S.O.C. Steadi at swbell.net
Fri Dec 15 20:03:04 EST 2000

> It would suffice to only point out that the Champion Drivers in the
> Motorola/Speedvision series would be holding stopwatches instead of being
> Biassed (tm - kirby).  Given your claims on these lists, I find it amazing
> that even a hack like me can understand why the boys went 'solid'.  I'm
> thinking about your conclusion in context of the Skippy Lead Instructor
> claim.  Thanks for your input.

The Boys went solid in RACE Cars on RACE rubber, in RACE Chassis... But I'm
sure that you already knew that, and understand the implications that

But hey what does it matter, comparatively speaking you have zero experience
in the S4tt, none as a professional race driver and none as a professional
race instructor. In fact you have little experience in ANY of the cars that
you bitch about.  Most of your "knowledge" is a regurgitation of things that
other people have told you or things that you have read, great on the
surface but short on depth. It really shows when you flip-flop to suit your

Eric Fletcher 
'00 S4tt 
Much too busy driving my "Flawed" Car and having to much fun doing it

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