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Fri Nov 3 13:56:02 EST 2000

Tongue firmly in cheek, I'll prose:
Appreciate you taking the time to read my posts, tho I think you might want 
to take the time to read Dave Lawson's.  If the "real" race car drivers use 
locked center and rear, you must be missing... something.  I don't own a 
00s4, driven a few at the track, and I didn't miss a thing.  

Lawson's first hand interviews once again puts your "claims" in perspective.  
Speaking of which, you might also want to take a gander at the 30-70times 
published for the RS4 in third gear.  At 380hp, they are 2 seconds slower 
than what you "claimed" on this list, with your chip and cat back exhausted 
'00S4.  At a lighter tested weight (they didn't have a passenger with a 
stopwatch), you must have over 400hp, or that MAF screen delete is one 
hellava mod.  But then again, looking below, wasn't it you that claimed FTD 
in A Stock against those very same bmw's at the very same venue?  How is it 
that a torsen equipped '00S4 "...does what it's supposed to do at all times" 
when it allocates torque based on turning radius and/or traction?  If you 
really understand vehicle dynamics, you'd know better.  Apparently, Audi's 
champion drivers and mechanics do.  But, you "has the experience to drive 
hard..." (I guess we could forget about your early sig lines claiming 2 
torsens in a 00S4 with 1), that doesn't mean fast.  Or "schools" are just 
places to learn....

UFB, you made my day with this doozy.  

In a message dated 11/3/00 9:24:56 AM Central Standard Time, 
Steadi at swbell.net writes:

> > Certainly lends credence to my Road
>  > America report on the 00S4 on the rubble strips being unruly).
>  No it doesn't.  As someone that owns a S4tt, has run it at a track, has the
>  experience to drive it hard and understand the vech dynamics, I can tell 
>  that the car is stable and does what it's supposed to do at all times.  If
>  it didn't it would have been real hard for me to be one of the fastest cars
>  at the October BMWCCA School at Gateway International.
>  Eric Fletcher
>  '00 S4tt

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