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Fri Nov 3 14:14:02 EST 2000

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Does anyone know what the driveline design of the Audi Sport S4
Competition is? The press kit makes no mention of center diff type (big
surprise) in the specifications. That car is one seriously great
handling machine as evidenced by Galati's pole and race win last weekend
in Vegas and front row qualifying spot at Laguna Seca the race prior.
While still down an estimated 100hp to many in the field the car is
becoming the class of the WCGT field now that it appears the engine
management teething pains are being addressed. Now, I'll be the first to
say that the S4 Competition has no real bearing on the street car as I
heard it spoken by Derek Bell himself during my interview with him. I
would think he would know since he drives the Champion S4 Comp race car
and drives a stock S4tt on the street and I respect his opinion as a
"real race driver" more than most. (He also has nothing but praise for
the street S4tt as a road car BTW and also owns an A8 that he keeps over
in the UK.)

As an aside, anyone on either of these lists know Don Istook (sp?)
and/or how to get ahold of him? He ran a S4 at Laguna Seca and I am
interested in mentioning his efforts in an upcoming Quarterly article
and also have some nice shots of the car he drove that he might like.

If it helps, I can try to find out what the driveline in the S4 Comp is.
It shouldn't be that much of a secret after all since the car is
available for sale as a turn-key race car. Hope we see a few more in
WCGT next season...

Mike Veglia
Motor Sport Visions Photography

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