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> The diff. in an s4 is a torsen, which for a non race car (and some race 
>  is about as good as it gets. If I remember correctly a Quaffe is 
>  a torsen. I have seen cutaways of both and thought them the same. I think 
>  that Torsen is a shortening of torque sensing  tor-sen and Quaffe is the 
> name 
>  of a man or company??? 

Torsen is short for torque sensing differential.  The original working device 
of the torsen was marketed thru Torsen-Gleason, which has since been bought 
out and is called Zexel Gleason.  The quaife operates on the same idea (no 
plates, worm type LSD), but is independent in engineering application to the 

>I have never seen anyone w/Quaffe Audi diffs, but 
>  talked to Hans Kluge(?) in Germany who did the gearing for the bib boys 
>  he said he could do any ratios in any style diff (including) Quaffe 
>  or torsen if I had the requisite wad of cash $$. 

There is a bunch of technical discussions and documentation on the Torsen 
available in the audifans archives (good luck wading thru it to find the good 
stuff, but it's there).  The torsen can be modified with shims to change or 
bias the F/R balance of the device.  Not many really do this, because even 
audi found better devices when it comes to racing (way back in 1985 they 
ditched it for the lockers in the Sport q road cars).  The BTCC cars *all* 
used VC's, several articles are written on the lockups, but by the end of the 
second championship year, only the 55r/45f and 65r/35f VC were used in europe 
(depending on venue).

>I assume it can be done, 
> but  in my exp. of trying to build a stronger than avg. engine you are 
> on your own and would have to get the help of someone like Hans Kluge to 
> it out, especially if only one of a set were put in. I imagine any listers 
>  race building experience could answer this question better.
>  Rod

Not sure what it is we are trying to do, I presume you to be speaking of the 
center diff (since that's the only torsen in the S cars anyhow).  For 
ultimate track handling, a locked center is better and cheaper than messing 
with torsen shims (even audis race teams do this).  For those looking for the 
ultimate without spending huge sums, buy a torsen diff, have it welded, and 
swap it into the car when you go to the track.  The only problem I see doing 
this, is that the EDL and ABS would have to be disabled.  The actual swapping 
of the torsen is relatively easy.

If one was to contact a german (or any other source) for a center diff 
application, I'd make sure to read all the BTCC articles first (and carefully 
read Lawson's posted interviews), then speak with Hans und Franz about what 
VC choices they might have to sell you.  


Scott Justusson
A whole stable full o lockers

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