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So good to see you back!  Let's jump forward the 15years and put this in 
perspective for the new millenium. Summed:   In 20years of racing quattros, 
in *ALL* chassis, audi can still win (see Lawson's recent posted interviews, 
both you and Fletcher need to read his posts, not mine) using the tried and 
true, ho hum, set of locked diffs C/R.  Nothing fancy mind you, let's just 
weld the torsen unit solid.  The year?  2000 or 1982 ...  or anytime in 

WW and Mikkola could win races with 3 of 4 cylinders firing in a yugo (I 
believe I have a quote similar to that in my articles somewhere).  
Interesting you note the San Remo win, not too shabby for WW, except for the 
fact that Salonen and the P205's took the driver/man championship in 1985 
(Peugeots used VC's).  Audis 84 WRC champion - Blomqvist (who ran lockers - I 
asked him personally) took second place in the drivers standings in 1985, WW 
third (even with his San Remo win).  I also find your label of WW as a 
"Champion" to bend the definition some.  WW won the drivers points in Rally 
in 1982 while driving for Opel, not audi.  Although still a audi god to me, 
he was never Drivers Champion in an audi.  FYI:
1982 - Driver Champion - Rohl/Opel  
1983 - Driver Champion - Mikkola/Audi
1984 - Driver Champion - Blomqvist/Audi
1985 - Driver Champion - Solonen/Puegeot

That said, certainly the "documentation" of using this LSD devices in the 
center is hard to find, at best.  Heck (no offense), it took you 3+ years to 
get not even a handful of examples   

I really think what's key here is what Lawson found out in his travels.  
After extensive testing on the newest S4 chassis, locked diffs were found to 
be not only exceptable, but championship winning devices.  I believe Lawson 
interviewed all the factory teams at Vegas, all with the same answer.  What 
reasonable conclusions do we draw?

Looking at the above and the below, let me quote you Dave:
"audi clearly didn't use torsen's exclusively in their racing efforts.  why
should they? "  The series and year?  Motorola Cup -2000

Please, if you have something to share, the torsen list is very much alive, 
and would love to hear your message.  There's no pissing contest Dave, locked 
diffs can still win, and consistently, *IN* audis latest chassis, designed 
for torsens.  Reasonable conclusions?

Scott Justusson

n a message dated 11/5/00 12:53:21 AM Central Standard Time, 
Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz writes:
>... <personal hits deleted>
>  fwiw (very little in this case) there is ample proof that audi used torsens
>  in rallying: rohrl used it (with a lock-out mode) in the s1's biggest rally
>  win in san remo.  ditto hannu mikkola (twice i think).  all in the 
>  according to you scott, i guess that we'd have to count rohrl and mikkola 
>  "non champion drivers"...
>  btw, "motorsport" in their august 2000 issue provides a good evolution of
>  the rally cars including their dropping of the locker for a clutch pack .
>  ditto in their btcc cars (along with no diff, and v/c centre - see "race 
>  engineering" article).  also audi used centre torsens (with v/c front and
>  lsd rear) in the 80q touring cars (source "audi driver" audi racing history
>  september 2000).
>  in the same issue of "motorsport" there is a test drive of a s1 (chassis
>  85zga905002) complete with v/c front, torsen centre a lsd rear.  according
>  to you scott, "handling would be a nightmare".  well, no actually.  read 
>  article...
>  audi clearly didn't use torsen's exclusively in their racing efforts.  why
>  should they?  any more than they should use the 4.2 v8 for their le mans
>  effort.  just as subaru doesn't race v/c's in their wrc cars.
>  to do my little bit to avoid another qship pissing contest, this is my one
>  and only post on this article.  if anyone is genuinely interested in
>  understanding the behaviour of the torsen, i might even make available my
>  correspondence with stan chocholek, bernd heibing (audi) and the 
>  vp at zexel - but not as fuel for a pissing contest...
>  dave
>  '95 rs2
>  '90 ur-q

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