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Graydon D. Stuckey graydon at apollo.kettering.edu
Thu Nov 16 08:22:02 EST 2000

On Wed, 15 Nov 2000, ivon&giel wrote:

> I'm thinking about building my own, mid-engined open sports car using
> driveline and chassis parts of audi's. 
> being an automotive engineer, I need to make a CAD model beforehand. Can
> anyone help me find scaled drawings, section views or other technical
> information?

I am preparing to do the same.  I started with an '85 FWD 5-sp transaxle
from an '85 5000.  However, I decided that one way or another, I really
want my car to be AWD, so I have switched to the 016 transaxle from an '86
5000 turbo quattro.  (having driven a 1510 pound car with rwd and 330hp
has convinced me that I need AWD :-) ) However, it is my understanding
that these trannys are identical except that the AWD trans has the centre
diff and rear output. 

I do not have any drawings of this setup, but I have one transaxle and
rear diff sitting in my garage.  My advise to you is to do the same.  Buy
the tranny at a wrecking yard (and all of the rest of the parts) and make
your own measurements and go from there. 

To answer Steve's question of 'why?'...

If you want to build a mid-engine sportscar with the engine just ahead of
the rear wheels, there are very few transaxles around with the strength to
handle decent hp without spending big bux.  Since the Audi fwd
configuration places the engine ahead of the front wheels, that transaxle
can be used in the rear for a true mid-engine placement.  I wouldn't put
500 hp through that transaxle in a 5000 probably, but in a sub-2000 pound
car, it should las reasonably well.  Besides, they are very cheap to
procure anyway.  I intend to take it a step further by building a transfer
case at the very back of the transaxle and running the rear output of the
AWD transaxle around the engine to the front of my sportscar, to drive the
front differential.  That will give me a true mid-engine car and AWD.  The
only con is the fact that I'll probably have an extra CV joint in the
middle driveshaft, but I don't think that will be a major problem as I
don't need as much torque at the front anyway, and besides, modern CV
joints are very efficient. 

When Charlie gets the website fixed, you can check out drawings of my 
intended design on my "Drawings" page.   URL below.

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