[torsen] Trevor Topley wrote : Missing Boost-Again]

Trevor Topley ttopley at sympatico.ca
Sun Nov 19 18:48:02 EST 2000

Grin = very happy face, directly proportional to boost pressure. My Honda's boost
diplay is a "widening" led display which relates very well. Helps you to keep feeling
young as well as getting home from work sooner sooner.

bar = one of our nice English words with at least 3 meanings, for Audi they refer to
it relative to atmospheric pressure, ie: 1bar is the force the stuff exerts at sea
level, or approx 14.7psi, so readings below 1.0 represent manifold vacuum, and above
1.0 will be boost.
So my missing .3, and that not being maintained at higher revs is significant, and why
I am looking for it

Michael A. Carr" wrote:

> Trevor & everybody,
> I am no mechanic at all but have learned to fix many things over the years
> on my 85 5000s. I have to admit I feel like I'm in rarefied company here,
> but hope to learn much. I could sure use some definitions to help me follow
> what's being said, if you don't mind.
> Grin ?  =
> bar ?  =
> Michael,
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