[torsen] Missing Boost-Again]

Michael A. Carr m_wdsllc at bigplanet.com
Mon Nov 20 17:43:02 EST 2000

Ah Trevor,

A Brit; I should have guessed, although I've not heard these terms as yet on the Jags
Lists; and there are many [Brits] there.
I've always described driving my Audi as like driving a BIG sports car because of the
amount of power and agility it has at almost any speed, yet it looks like your regular
family size sedan, So I can relate entirely to :
that feeling younger thing, & especially, the getting there sooner !
I do appreciate you taking the time for me on the definitions, though I hate to admit
[I'm reaching for my flame suit now] I still feel like you have instruments on your dash,
that either; we in the USA don't get, or you put there yourself!
I don't have a boost guage neither led nor rotary.
and as far as an atmospheric pressure guage that's just off the charts !
Is this a custom X-Files vehicle you're driving around in?
How do I get some boost and Bar for my sweetie ?

Trevor Topley wrote:

> Grin = very happy face, directly proportional to boost pressure. My Honda's boost
> diplay is a "widening" led display which relates very well. Helps you to keep feeling
> young as well as getting home from work sooner sooner.
> bar = one of our nice English words with at least 3 meanings, for Audi they refer to
> it relative to atmospheric pressure, ie: 1bar is the force the stuff exerts at sea
> level, or approx 14.7psi, so readings below 1.0 represent manifold vacuum, and above
> 1.0 will be boost.
> So my missing .3, and that not being maintained at higher revs is significant, and why
> I am looking for it
> Trevor
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