[torsen] Re: [s-cars] Rear Stabilizer or Sway Bar

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Tue Nov 21 08:23:03 EST 2000

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Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz writes:

> just to clear up a couple of misconceptions in this post.
>  1) "audis race cars use no swaybars or antirollbars with traditional
>  a-arms."??? - not sure where this came from?  actually audi's most recent
>  race car, the btcc a4q had both front and rear bars with "a" arms...

The a4q is not a traditional a-arm setup (per my post), nor is it a 
'traditional' ARB setup (they aren't even mounted the same way as the stock 
A4).  The blade adjusters with heim joints are used to fine tune the 
suspension setup for the track.  Therefore ARB's.  Remember too a couple of 
points.  The total wheel travel of the Btcc car is 2in up, 2in down.  The 
spring rates also varied based on venue from 530-2125in/lb.  

>  2) also not sure how you arrive at the notion that rear wheel lift in a
>  torsen car will "transfer torque forward", of course it won't do that, it
>  will in fact result in a substantial *decrease* in torque both front and
>  rear.....

Dave, think torque transfer "before" the wheel lifts, that's what when the 
torsen is already transfering.  Once the wheel is in the air, you are correct 
that torque decreases to -0-, but lets put that in terms of chassis dynamics. 
 At 50/50 torque transfer (or baseline chassis dynamic), the car exibits U 

>  i do agree that wheel lift with a non-edl torsen car is not what you want
>  though...

It's not what you want in any car, besides edl is only active to 40mph.  Many 
tracks here in the states have substantially faster turns.  Wheel lift in a 
torsen car has far more dramatic consequences to chassis handling than a 
locker.  Obviously still true for the newest S4 chassis in 
Motorola/Speedvision series, per DLawson, no one runs torsens in the S4.  It 
might have been interesting to hear what exactly was the reasoning the teams 
used to go torsen-delete, though always obvious to me ;).  Bottom line we 
certainly can say that the ultimate reason was faster lap times.



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