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> > FYI, audis race cars use no swaybars or antirollbars with traditional a-
> arms.
>  i.e. no funky triangulated front antiroll bar doubling as a tension rod?

"Funky" is a good word, not the one I use ;)
>  what kind of spring rate are we talking about?  what are the
>  dimensions of the rear spring?

See now, here's where it gets tough for a guy like me...  After spending 
mucho time and dollars (mine and customers) with a plethora of different 
hardware, I'm somewhat reluctant to give this away freely.  That said, on a 
street S car, more than 400in/lb rear gets stiff.  Ok?

>  interesting.  if it's able to cause the car to lift the inside rear 
>  wheel, that implies that it's not as wimpy as it sounds.

If it's hooked up it increases effective spring rate, that would be true if 
it was 12mm.  I'm all for max wheel travel in audis.  

>.  You only decrease understeer if the wheels are on the 
> ground, 
>  > if you lift a rear wheel, the torsen will tranfer torque forward, 
>  > more understeer.  
>  good point.  a wrinkle with AWD/torsen cars that i hadn't thought of.

Many have intimately ;).  Teddy, you should join the torsen list.  IME 
(summarizing a lengthy discourse) that center device isn't 'limited slip, 
it's a "no slip" device, which means it's biggest flaw is torque transfer 
based on turning radius *or* traction (documented in several papers).  That 
doesn't always operate in the drivers favor.

>  ok, so what rear springs work?  i was under the impression that there
>  weren't a lot of choices.

25in/lb and 2in length at a time.  That gives you a myriad of choices.  For 
more on what's available for the S cars, try the urs4 site.  If you go out on 
your own, you will find the rates listed there as great guildlines.


Scott Justusson
QSHIPQ Performance Tuning

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