[torsen] Re: [s-cars] RE: Rear Stabilizer or Sway Bar

Theodore Chen tedebearp at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 22 01:05:09 EST 2000

> See now, here's where it gets tough for a guy like me...  After spending 
> mucho time and dollars (mine and customers) with a plethora of different 
> hardware, I'm somewhat reluctant to give this away freely.  That said, on a 
> street S car, more than 400in/lb rear gets stiff.  Ok?

all right.  i'm not likely to do anything about it soon, anyway.
those are pretty stiff rear springs.  i'll have to compute the
motion ratio, but even my race mustang doesn't have springs that
stiff (350 lb-in, with lowered rear roll center, though i plan to
move up to 400 or 450).  the S4 is a much heavier car, though.

> >.  You only decrease understeer if the wheels are on the 
> > ground, 
> >  > if you lift a rear wheel, the torsen will tranfer torque forward, 
> causing 
> >  > more understeer.  
> >  
> >  good point.  a wrinkle with AWD/torsen cars that i hadn't thought of.
> Many have intimately ;).  Teddy, you should join the torsen list.  IME 
> (summarizing a lengthy discourse) that center device isn't 'limited slip, 
> it's a "no slip" device, which means it's biggest flaw is torque transfer 
> based on turning radius *or* traction (documented in several papers).  That 
> doesn't always operate in the drivers favor.

by the way, this discussion applies to acceleration.  the torsen
won't change handling balance in throttle-off conditions (such as
when trailbraking).  so you get a car that oversteers with light 
throttle and under braking, and understeers on the throttle.  sounds
like a mustang (heavy V8 in the front, not much weight in the back).

> >  ok, so what rear springs work?  i was under the impression that there
> >  weren't a lot of choices.
> 25in/lb and 2in length at a time.  That gives you a myriad of choices.  For 
> more on what's available for the S cars, try the urs4 site.  If you go out on
> your own, you will find the rates listed there as great guildlines.

thanks.  do you know what the dimensions of the springs are?  what's the
stock spring rate?  the urS4 site doesn't indicate those things, and
i didn't find it in the bentley.


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