[torsen] Diff locks

Erik Ringelberg eringelberg at hotmail.com
Wed Nov 22 13:16:25 EST 2000

Great comments,

I'm new to the list, although not to Audi (4kq and A4q) and Mazda 323gtx. I 
never considered rerouting the hosee for center OR rear and I have to try it 
now. (You guys are very bad!) But, my experience with C-lock in autocross 
has been favorable. My times went down by over a sec. on a 50 sec. course, 
even learning how to handle the huge understeer.

My question then is how well can the ball joints/cv's handle the extra abuse 
from the center lock? I find that using the C and R creates some very bad 
noises from the front in deep snow, so I can assume that there is still some 
accel. wear with the center.

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