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Trevor Topley ttopley at sympatico.ca
Wed Nov 22 20:34:05 EST 2000

Hi everyone,
                    since I asked for help just thought I would let you
see what happened today.
The difference in acceleration is amazing! Would hate to find it not
there when committed to passing a line of traffic!!
My 200 q has a T in the centre that has obviously been the subject of
much debate, and that I am still learning about.
This is my first quattro, so experience is very limited, but under
acceleration in a turn mine does not understeer and I often find myself
winding off the steering and adding opposite lock, thoroughly enjoying
First time in snow last year, came out of a parking lot, quite slowly, I
think took my foot off the gas and proceeded to spin and ended up turned
180(very embarrassing with good winter tires, a quattro and a
It's coming more natural now and I guess that I have learned to adapt to
any short-comings of the drivetrain. Had thought about changing to lower
springs etc, etc, but since this one will never see a race track have
decided to leave it alone.
It's the ultimate sleeper.
                        Trevor Topley
                        90 200q with 2bar (again)

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