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In a message dated 11/28/00 4:04:09 PM Central Standard Time, 
Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz writes:
>  also speaking of predictability and the t-word: owners of the rs4 can take
>  some comfort from the fact that they will shortly have a car that has 
>  the nurburgring in 8:10 (according to "evo" magazine) - within a few 
>  of the production car record, and faster than a great many very good cars.
>  the nurburgring, of course, is not a circuit noted for being forgiving on
>  "unpredictable" cars...
>  dave
>  '95 rs2
>  '90 ur-q

Interesting report Dave.  In the context of the specifications in the 
Motorola/Speedvision championship setups, what might be a valid "prediction" 
would be welding the center and rear diffs of the RS4, and taking the 
production 'record' outright. 

Dave Lawson's personal interviews with the M/S guys, really shows that 
objectively and objectively, we can "predict" that lockers are faster than 
torsens in ultimate performance arenas, track or rally.  StigB proved this in 
'84 and 85 as well, both times going after the tried and true, winning the 
WRC championship in '84 and beating WR in drivers points in '85.   At some 
point Dave, one has to accept that better drivers than anyone here has 
accepted predictability as a major advantage in the T v L debate.  All 
anecdotes to the contrary so noted.  

To further support your position (and hereto unshared personal technical 
interviews), you only need to explain the M/S series in the context of diff 
specification and results.

My .02


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