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Mike Cote m_cote at cthu22.cth.dec.com
Wed Nov 29 09:15:03 EST 2000

I put NRW tires on our S6 last year. My impressions were:
Very good snow traction. 
Very little wear showing. Even with a full winter on the tire.
Soft sidewalls. Technically speaking, more wag stemming from your
Directional tires. So, spare tire is not a NRW.
Relatively quiet tire on highway.
Saturday, the roads were very slippery. Freezing rain fell throughout
the night before here in Ottawa. The tires tracked very well in the
mess. Unfortunately a few of the local SUV's didn't fare so well.;^)

With Quattro, it's amazing how quickly you an accelerate in the snow.
Weekends are spent back at the cottage where minimally plowed, hilly
roads are the norm. Winter tires are a necessity.

Friday, I ordered Hakki-1's for our FWD Passat.

I will now only purchase Nokian brand winter tires.


Phil Rose wrote:
> At 2:52 PM -0500 11/27/00, Glen Dustin Powell wrote:
> >I just have to put in a vote for Hakka 1s mit studs. Killer on sno and ice.
> >Gotsah blow-away Blizzaks or anything else on wet ice. These are high-tech
> >sno tahrs and NOT your dads sno thars!
> >
> >"The Nokian Hakkapeliitta 1 is the
> >   safest studded tyre for winter driving
> >   conditions. Its efficient Eco Stud
> >   studding system guarantees secure
> >   grip even on smooth ice. According
> >   to impartial tests, the Hakkapeliitta
> >   1's slushplaning properties are by far
> >   the best available on the winter tyre
> >   market."
> >
> >http://www.nokiantires.com/indexen.html
> >
> >product line, passenger, winter, Hakkapelliita 1
> >
> >(studded Hakka 1s) x4 (+ quattro) = tank-treads
> >
> Amen to that, bro' Powell.  I just mounted my set o' 4 studded Hakka 1s
> yesterday afternoon and just returned from the  first drive of the season
> with 'em. Bare roads and wet leaves, unfortunately, but snow 'n ice
> predicted later this week.
> Phil
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