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Wed Nov 29 09:23:03 EST 2000

To get my share of the forbidden T-discussion, that Scott can't just seem 
to stop I'll ask the following questions:

-Why is the 20V urquattro (T.....) considered to be one of the finest 
handling examples of its breed as a performance ROAD car? 
-How is it possible *if* the T..... is hopelessly flawed as a 4wd solution 
for the ROAD?
-Why didn't Audi just stick to the wonderful lockable diffs in the ROAD 
-Since Audi abandonded lockable diffs, why didn't Subaru or someone else 
start using them in their ROAD performance models? Land Rover not counted.

And please no pissing contest, I know that Mr. Rohrl for one has said that 
Tors.. is unpredictable on the limit, in racing. I also know that carbon 
brake discs are great in F1 but suck on the street. So answer my question 
seriously considering the ROAD use.

BTW, I earlier had a VW Passat G60 Synchro, 160 hp with VC 4wd, and I much 
prefer the Torsen cars. The VC always understeered (predictable yes, fun 
no),the torsen oversteers most of the time on throttle. Same negative 
experience from GM's Calibra turbo 4x4, also VC.

RS2 -95 (oops with Torsen, am I banned?)

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In a message dated 11/28/00 4:04:09 PM Central Standard Time, 
Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz writes:
>  also speaking of predictability and the t-word: owners of the rs4 can 
>  some comfort from the fact that they will shortly have a car that has 
>  the nurburgring in 8:10 (according to "evo" magazine) - within a few 
>  of the production car record, and faster than a great many very good 
>  the nurburgring, of course, is not a circuit noted for being forgiving 
>  "unpredictable" cars...
>  dave
>  '95 rs2
>  '90 ur-q

Interesting report Dave.  In the context of the specifications in the 
Motorola/Speedvision championship setups, what might be a valid 
would be welding the center and rear diffs of the RS4, and taking the 
production 'record' outright. 

Dave Lawson's personal interviews with the M/S guys, really shows that 
objectively and objectively, we can "predict" that lockers are faster than 

torsens in ultimate performance arenas, track or rally.  StigB proved this 
'84 and 85 as well, both times going after the tried and true, winning the 

WRC championship in '84 and beating WR in drivers points in '85.   At some 

point Dave, one has to accept that better drivers than anyone here has 
accepted predictability as a major advantage in the T v L debate.  All 
anecdotes to the contrary so noted. 

To further support your position (and hereto unshared personal technical 
interviews), you only need to explain the M/S series in the context of 
specification and results.

My .02


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