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Pantelis Giamarellos pantg at otenet.gr
Wed Nov 29 09:46:26 EST 2000

-Since Audi abandonded lockable diffs, why didn't Subaru or someone else start using them in their ROAD performance models? Land Rover not counted. 

Jani Hi,

Even Land Rover abandoned the lockable central diff for their more road biased model.
Range Rover classics (since 1989 IIRC) and new shape Range Rovers have a VC central diff.
Main reason for doing so was the higher speeds on tarmac that those cars can achieve (high speed is a relative value OK?) when compared to the lesser LR models.
According to LR mambo jambo it was mainly done because of the more silent operation of the VC unit (no gear whining) and the ease of operation (since the VC decides to lock up when it is needed and no driver input/decision is required)

Having driven a Discovery which was modified from lockable to VC central diff I can only say that I prefer the VC unit since it seems to provide a smoother and better operation of the car with a more "sure footed" handling. But on the other hand those remarks apply for the off roading use that I put on the Discos (one still with the standard lockable diff).
On the other hand the VC modified one also has a Quaife diff mounted on the rear axle so it wigs its tail on tight turns on winding uphill gravel roads (a nice thing coming from a diesel powered, 3 tonnes heavy recycled aluminum can)

Take care

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