[torsen] RE: [urq] (T*rsen content warning): Some thoughts on traction - short and sweet

Glen Dustin Powell gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com
Thu Nov 30 10:09:03 EST 2000

Major snippage...

Pure opinion follows. Audi builds cars to sell for profit and they want to
sell a lot, so they try to build what people want. Most people (not on this
list :) want cars as 'automatic' as possible. The Torsen allows 'automatic
lock/un-lock' and is therefore perceived as a benetfit Vs 'old-fashioned'
manual locking diffs that require the driver to use his brain, regardless of
their relative benefits and shortcomings. The average customer will never
understand or care, or might not even know the car *has* locking diffs let
alone actually use them correctly. The ur-q was intended to be hand-built in
tiny numbers as a homologation special for racing purposes, performance was
the goal at the time and not mass-acceptance, that would only come after
success in competition. Also, the ability to support ABS was a big factor in
moving to torsen. Ur-qs had no ABS so this was not a factor at the time.

Personally, I like the control and predictability of the locking diffs on my
non-ABS quattros. I also like the torsen in combination with ABS-enabled on
my street cars with ABS and for my wife and family's protection.

For what it's worth....



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