[torsen] Good discussion

Erik Ringelberg eringelberg at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 30 19:04:03 EST 2000

This is why torsen is it's own list :)

I'll dive in on the torsen debate. I have both locking and unlocking 
quattros (A4 and 4k). I have to say that I don't have the steamboat 
experience to test them back to back on the same surface, with different 
cars. However, I have 8 years of Ax experience in these cars (and a 323gtx), 
and I have a daily commute of 75 miles RT over a mountain pass.

I find torsen to be much easier to turn-in with and exceptionally 
predictable. Yes, oversteer and understeer with a chipped A4 is available on 
command, and utterly benign.

The 4k is faster on the same course becuse of the lack of turbo lag, the 
static camber, and the proportionally wider tires. It also has severe 
understeer with the center locked (faster than unlocked). The turn-in is 
much worse than my FWD-based 323gtx.

I don't get rear lift because I have tons of travel in both cars. The 323gtx 
had a rear upward limiter built into the arms, and it lifted like a pig.

I think the torsen issue is grossly overstated. I can't reproduce it. The 
folks who say they can are all atither about exiting corner two in an 
off-camber situation while punching the throttle. Hmmm. I think that even I 
can induce bad handling in any car. The question is one about learning the 
driving chracteristics of any vehicle. That being said, I too have high 
hopes for REAL haldex variants. This will be vastly superior with good logic 
circuitry from rally.

Racing professionally is a matter of different compromises. I want a spool 
for reduced weight, reliability, and possibly 10/10th predictability. 
3-layer nomex on.
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