[torsen] OEM CD changer converters

John Petersen petersen007 at earthlink.net
Thu Aug 9 02:30:03 EDT 2001

HAHAHAHA, whoops, did I write that?

No, you cannot purchase the converter new. It is referred to in s-car-speak 
as the "magic box" for the cd changer. You will have to find one with the 
changer, and they go for about 600$ nowadays, used.... try the usuals... 
1-800-vw-parts, etc.

good luck
-John (92 S4)

At 07:13 PM 8/4/01 -0500, vernon jackson wrote:
>I have a 93 Audi 100CS that has an Audi Gamma Bose stereo system with cd 
>changer controls.  The connection for the cd changer is a 12-pin black 
>female connection located in the trunk of the car.  I have a Panasonic 6 
>disc cd changer.  The Audi dealer here (Birmingham) has indicated to me 
>that the OEM interface cd changer converter is no longer sold by the 
>dealer.  I had purchased a converter from Crutchfield for a
>Does anyone know where I can purchase this converter?

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