[torsen] HELP - Question about an Audi transaxle???

J L audi_mktg at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 5 19:46:08 EST 2001

Here is the response I got from the question
below....can any of you HELP ME???

4kq has posted:"Audifans" has a list of transaxles and
their relative strength. The 5-spd turbo is the
cheapest of the strong ones (virtually free). The axle

diameter is MUCH larger than the 4k's. Ask this
question over at audifans, because I have never seen a
US spec turbo 5 FWD.--audiworld.com staff

My original question:
I'm looking for a strong longitudial mounted 2wd
transaxle - Can anybody tell me what 2 wheel drive
Audi transaxle is the strongest? I'm looking for a
standard shift - Transaxle model? What cars it came
in? What years? 

For example, I was told that the Audi 5000 turbo
5speed trans is a strong, reliable transaxle....are
any of the new ones better? 

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Please send
any responses to nepamktg at yahoo.com 

Thanks in advance - Joel

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