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The early v8 autobox used a electronic locking center diff and torsen LSD 
rear.  The 5spds and later autoboxes used torsen center diffs and torsen LSD 
Rear.  The center locking on the early v8 is similar to the locking diff of 
the 885ktq, but is electronic autolock 50f/50r instead of manually lockable.  
The rear torsen is a 78/22 (audi refers to it as an 80% locker) gear type 

Having driven the 90 v8 at a few track events, I find the center locker to be 
only a challenge if the car decides to kick down and lock center at the same 
time.  The rear torsen really gives little to the 100% locker of the 5ktq, 
since to really make the full locker work to your advantage, you need to 
constantly lock and unlock it (see various Steamboat event reports in the 
archives) to gain a rather narrow traction advantage.


Scott Justusson
Lockers aplenty
'87 5ktqw
'84 urq
'83 urq 
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zed123 at telusplanet.net writes:

I have a question regarding differential locks in the early V8. I have
to admit it makes me feel kind of uneasy not to be able to lock my
differentials like in my 88 5k tq.

Could someone explain how this system works? Or if there is a website
that explains it.


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