[torsen] Re: [V8] Q about diff lock?

Ingo Rautenberg rautenberg at mediaone.net
Sat Dec 8 22:39:02 EST 2001

QSHIPQ writes:
> Having driven the 90 v8 at a few track events, I find the center locker to
> only a challenge if the car decides to kick down and lock center at the
> time.  The rear torsen really gives little to the 100% locker of the 5ktq,
> since to really make the full locker work to your advantage, you need to
> constantly lock and unlock it (see various Steamboat event reports in the
> archives) to gain a rather narrow traction advantage.
And whose v8 might that have been, Scott?  ;-)  And if I remember correctly
that one time
caused us to drop a wheel hard enough to require a new wheel bearing.  But
as Scott said,
it is a rare occurrence.  And I still miss my old v8.

'91 200q20v...Slightly modified  + '83 Urquattro

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