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alan pritchard alanthecelt at alanthecelt.screaming.net
Sun Dec 9 15:50:03 EST 2001

wow, looks good, when you said there was no room for the stock airbox i
though t you were exagerrating, now i see the manifold mounts up the other
way!!! A few questions though, why did you opt for a seperate wastegate as
opposed to the stock item on the t3/t4 ( i presume a t4 has one), and what
parts are t4, and what are t3?.  The a/r on your unit says .50, i understand
that the ar is the relationship between the diameter of the scroll and the
cross section of it, but how different will that be compared to the .48 a/r
t3 unit i have? thx again
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> Here are some pics of how the header fits in the car with the turbo.  I am
> finishing up the downpipe, and once its up an running I will send some
> pics.  Enjoy!
> http://www.mswanson.com/phpix/?mode=album&album=javad%2Fheader%2Ffitment
> Javad
> 80tq.com

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