[torsen] Re: 10v Header-fitment

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Sun Dec 9 22:49:14 EST 2001

<< wow, looks good, when you said there was no room for the stock airbox i
 though t you were exagerrating, now i see the manifold mounts up the other
 way!!! A few questions though, why did you opt for a seperate wastegate as
 opposed to the stock item on the t3/t4 ( i presume a t4 has one)>>

It is well documented that external wastegates perfom better at higher power 
and boost levels.  Internal wastegates, while fine for most applications, 
have limited flow capacity, and vent wastegate gasses right into the exh. 
turbine vortex, breaking up flow exiting the turbo.  Since Audi did such a 
good job at installing a top quality wastegate from the factory, I couldn't 
justify taking a "step back" in this regard.

<<, and what parts are t4, and what are t3?.>>

T3 exh side, T4 compressor.  The smaller T3 (compared to the T4) hot side 
helps quicked spool up.

<<  The a/r on your unit says .50,>>

It actually been modified for .57, the T3 side is .63 stage 3.  Pinto 2.2 
turbo guys use this turbo for about 4-500hp at the higher levels.  It should 
fully spool by about 3K RPM, about 500 slower than a K26, but it will flow 
approx. twice the cfm as a K26, the whole reason I am doing this, as well as 
much more efficiently.

<< i understand  that the ar is the relationship between the diameter of the 
scroll and the cross section of it, but how different will that be compared 
to the .48 a/r
 t3 unit i have? thx again >>

Well, the T3 compressor is much smaller, so it will flow less cfm.  
Basically, a T3/T4 hybrid will flow about 30-40% more hp than a T3...


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