[torsen] Re: how'd he do it?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Thu Dec 13 10:43:39 EST 2001

<< Ok, Javad, I'm impressed....really impressed.>>

Shucks, thanks  =)

<< Just how did you do all that plumbing?  I see the flex pipe in the
 backgrnd of some shots and presume you used that to make templates to
 make up against?>>

Good eye on the flex pipe, but that is the wastegate outlet as it merges into 
the DP below.  To set up the header, I build a replica motor on a stand with 
the head, block, intake manifold, and everything else that could have gotten 
in the way, then one-by-one pieces together the elbows.  Also, a key was 
determining exactly where the turbo flange needed to be, once I had 
determined that, I built a bracket to hold it precisely in place, so *all* I 
had to do was connect the collector to the exhaust port on the head.

Check out the pics here, they will explain a lot of it.


<< Do you plan to coat,  wrap or otherwise insulate the exhaust to the

Yes, eventually, but since this is a prototype I will install everything with 
the least amount of coatings in case some welding or modification are 
required.  I will implement stainless heatshields and aluminum/fiberglass 
sandwhiches wherever I can to keep things from melting too bad.

<< I've been following the thread recently but wonder if you have posted an
 outline of the principal elements of design and fabrication of these
 works of art.>>

Well, not yet, I will likely go into more detail on 80tq.com in the future, 
but basically, a turbo header is a very stressed component, and much thought 
must go into the design to ensure a part that will perform with longevity as 
well as its performance.  I did a lot of thinking about the length of the 
runners, whether they should be equal, their diameter, the collector, etc.  
Then, once I hit the drawing board with all the theory and engineering 
principles that I had studied up on, getting the sucker to fit was the real 
challenge, and that dictated a lot of the final result anyway!

I will probably write a paper in the future outlining my decisions and the 
reasons for them in the future, much too much to write here!

Bottom line, look at a stock manifold, and look at the header, my bets are on 
the header for big time power  =)

<< Look forward to learning more!>>

As always, me too!


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