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Dan Dwyer dandwyer at hotmail.com
Fri Dec 14 00:27:10 EST 2001


I have a '89 200 TQ Wagon.  I am fairly displeased with its snow handling as 
compared to the older badged 5000QTs that I've driven before and my old '85 

My car wants very badly to understeer me right into a ditch when I go into a 
corner with any speed.  At first I thought it was because of the 
differential unlocking above 10mph so I disconnected the speed sensor to 
allow it to remain locked.  That only aggrivated the problem.  So I am 
wondering if my problem is from a difference in the center diff.

Can anybody shed light on the center diffs of my car's vintage.  For example 
is it open or limited slip?  Can I retrofit a locker easily to the center 
diff? Does it bias power to the front greatly?  Is it correct to assume that 
this is even my problem??  Is it viscous or torsen?? etc...

Thanks in advance,

Dan Dwyer
'89 200TQ Avant

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