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Dan Dwyer dandwyer at hotmail.com
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To clarify, the handling characteristics that I'm complaining about are when
driving aggressively in ice and/or snow.  I wish to duplicate the ability to
induce oversteer into corners and come out smiling, similar to what I've
experienced in all the audi's I've been in thus far (4000s and 5000s). In
fact, I have taken that handling for granted and was taken aback by the way
my new (for me) car was handling in the snow.

In regards to tires, I have studded snows that show little treadwear.  BTW,
the car normally has oversteer in rainy or dry conditions.  It only has
understeer in the snow.  Their is no traction problems in the snow when
accelerating fast in a straight line.

Basically, any semi-aggressive acceleration through a corner results in the
car pushing badly.  I suppose that the tires could have poor lateral
traction but the way the tread blocks are staggered indicate that they
should have decent lateral traction in slush or soft snow and I would think
the studs would help lateral traction in the ice.

In regards to alignment, my car has a little more camber in the front end
than a stock aligned car, but I figured it was benificial for reducing
understeer in most conditions.  Is it the case that this would negatively
affect snow or ice driving?  The rear shocks are pretty worked so the rear
is softer than the front end.

Also, would the 78f/22r split in the center diff cause the front wheels to
peel out sooner relative to the rears than a 50/50 locked diff?  Cause it
seems as if I'm driving a front driver rather than AWD when cornering in ice
and snow.  Again, for some reason I want to blame the non-locking center
diff for all of my woes, although it may be eroneous.


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> Did you consider a possible difference from tire composition?
> At 09:23 PM 12/13/2001 -0800, Dan Dwyer wrote:
> >Greetings,
> >
> >I have a '89 200 TQ Wagon.  I am fairly displeased with its snow handling
> >compared to the older badged 5000QTs that I've driven before and my old
> >4000Q.
> >
> >My car wants very badly to understeer me right into a ditch when I go
into a
> >corner with any speed.  At first I thought it was because of the
> >differential unlocking above 10mph so I disconnected the speed sensor to
> >allow it to remain locked.  That only aggrivated the problem.  So I am
> >wondering if my problem is from a difference in the center diff.
> >
> >Can anybody shed light on the center diffs of my car's vintage.  For
> >is it open or limited slip?  Can I retrofit a locker easily to the center
> >diff? Does it bias power to the front greatly?  Is it correct to assume
> >this is even my problem??  Is it viscous or torsen?? etc...
> >
> >Thanks in advance,
> >
> >Dan Dwyer
> >'89 200TQ Avant
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