[torsen] Re: 89 centre differential

Orin Eman orin at drizzle.com
Fri Dec 14 13:33:22 EST 2001

> Phil Payne writes
> >>It's a TORSEN.=A0 Key things are:
> >>a) Four-wheel alignment must be close to perfect.=A0 'Within tolerance' is=
> =20
> not good >>enough - you may have to do some POWERFUL
> >>insisting to get it set exactly right.
> Phil, could you help us with the definition of exactly right?  I thought tha=
> t=20
> was 'within' tolerance by definition.  I've also been witness to many=20
> alignments where just the raise and lower of the alignment bed causes exactl=
> y=20
> right to vary.  A better term might be, as close to mid range in all=20
> specifications?

The 'exact' spec isn't always in the middle of the range...
For example, 200Q20V toe is spec'd at +10 with a range of -5 to +20.
The difference from spec to mid range could be less than the variation
you mention though...  how much variation do you see?


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