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I've done and supervised alignments on so many quattros, my local shop knows 
to just let me in, and I don't understand at all either of these posts.  
Phil, I went to the site you referenced, it gave exactly *no* specifications 
whatsoever.  I'd also suggest a test, if you really think an "exact" 
specification is attainable.  Just for S&G (I did this a couple times), do an 
alignment "exactly" (whatever that is, try raising and lowering the pad a 
couple times, exact is a joke), then take the car, drive for 5 minutes, put 
the pucks back on the wheels and try to get those alignment specs again.  I 
can tell you without question you will never get the same numbers.  Hence a 
range was accepted (and you'll be darn lucky to stay in range).  Another 
lister brought up that the target isn't the median, it's sometimes + 
more/-less or reversed.  So I'll just ask the question again, what is the 
*exact* specification I'm looking for on the aforementioned 89 200tq, and how 
many times do I adjust for it before I accept the range.

Bottom line:  Too many variables and calibration error in the instrument and 
the patient to ever get exact.  IF you want to claim otherwise, I'd sure like 
to see that printout.  If I remember asking for this information before, it 
"wasn't" available. 

This oversimplification of claim, needs some supporting evidence.  Anyone 
with real life experience on an alignment rack is smiling at this 

My .02 YCamberMV

Phil writes
> My own confusion is why Audi publish tolerances at all when the text of
the manual says they should be ignored.
Then Jim writes:

>>So dealer techs can do a half-assed job - why else?
>>Jim Haseltine

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