[torsen] Re: 89 centre differential

Michael L. Riebs michael at 1stchoicegranite.com
Sat Dec 15 09:00:03 EST 2001

Suffolk Alignment managed to get my old V8 within 0.03° on the front, and
0.01° on the rear AND managed to make it so that the variance is the same
for each side of the car. It now tracks better than any car I have owned in
the past 7 years, and that means STR8!

How's that for within specs?

Michael Riebs
Grand Rapids, MI
'90 V8Q (#7)
'98 A6Q Avant (#6)
Only 6 & 7 remain.

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> I've done and supervised alignments on so many quattros, my local shop
> to just let me in, and I don't understand at all either of these posts.
> Phil, I went to the site you referenced, it gave exactly *no*
> whatsoever.  I'd also suggest a test, if you really think an "exact"
> specification is attainable.  Just for S&G (I did this a couple times), do
> alignment "exactly" (whatever that is, try raising and lowering the pad a
> couple times, exact is a joke), then take the car, drive for 5 minutes,
> the pucks back on the wheels and try to get those alignment specs again.
> can tell you without question you will never get the same numbers.  Hence
> range was accepted (and you'll be darn lucky to stay in range).  Another
> lister brought up that the target isn't the median, it's sometimes +
> more/-less or reversed.  So I'll just ask the question again, what is the
> *exact* specification I'm looking for on the aforementioned 89 200tq, and
> many times do I adjust for it before I accept the range.
> Bottom line:  Too many variables and calibration error in the instrument
> the patient to ever get exact.  IF you want to claim otherwise, I'd sure
> to see that printout.  If I remember asking for this information before,
> "wasn't" available.
> This oversimplification of claim, needs some supporting evidence.  Anyone
> with real life experience on an alignment rack is smiling at this
> claim/thread.
> My .02 YCamberMV
> SJ
> Phil writes
> >
> > My own confusion is why Audi publish tolerances at all when the text of
> the manual says they should be ignored.
> Then Jim writes:
> >>So dealer techs can do a half-assed job - why else?
> >>Regards,
> >>Jim Haseltine

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