[torsen] Re: dittos?

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Thu Feb 8 17:11:05 EST 2001

IF one was to read both the prior posts, and the content of 880321, one would 
have realized that this thread has to do with the locking of the REAR 
differential during driving.  The rear differential lock is NOT a torsen.  
The response to the post includes the center torsen characteristics (which 
*isn't* included in Fig 12 of 880321), because of it's effects on the 
handling of the REAR locking differential during braking and breakaway 

Thanks for your continued and somewhat ironic... input.  I dare say, it sure 
wasn't ever me that claimed to have 2 torsen's in my '00S4.

Scott Justusson, S.O.B.

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> So Scott should'nt that be posted JUST to the tor*en list?  Or must you 
>  pollute all know audi list's with your "opinion"?
>  Eric Fletcher
>  '00 S4tt
>  _________

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