[torsen] Re: [s-cars] STEAMBOAT TRIP REPORT 2001

Chad Clark chadclark at qwest.net
Fri Feb 9 00:23:28 EST 2001

  Glad to hear everyone made it back safely despite a bruised ego errr...
pride:-) You should have told the female instructor it was your first day
driving in the white stuff. Just a quick briefing on my experiences and
subtle adjustements for my T*rsen S4 car being pushed at the limit.
All past experiences are with manual lockers. 7 years at Steamboat also.

It's do or die with the S car. After getting used to the porkyness of the S
and its inherent understeer(or at least more so) compared to the '87 type
44,  the seat of the pants feeling I felt was once the back end stepped out
and boost came on strong, if I did anything(lift off or even back off
throttle, countersteer the slide at this degree of tilt) the car will swap
ends rather quickly. Yes I used this to my advantage in some of the corners
to get the big SNAP on the countersteer. While I was full throttle, sideways
1/2counter, ~45mph and looking out the passengers window down the track, and
nose pointed directly into the snowbank, your right foot had better be 100%
through the floorboard. Total commitment on my part. Not as easy mentally
until you realize this is the key. If this sounds like the proper steps to
be taken in any quattro at full tilt, it is, but I found it even more
imperative in the big cars. Just my experience. Also, once sideways, left
foot braking to control speed(ABS OFF!) and dipping into the throttle a
little early to set the car up for the corner seemed to control the push or
understeer of these big cars. Otherwise, it's quattro on!

Scott et al.. Thanks for the great time this year and thanks for not dipping
into too many details about Sat. night!!!!! Hey, it was her b-day and I had
been drinking:-). Ingo, there's always next year:-) Who beached it more
times, you or Reeshad? :-)
Bob, nice coupe! Almost made me as nervous watching you 15 feet from Scott's
'83 as it did my taking the S to the 'boat. Dave L and Alex C., always good
to see you guys! Later,

Chad Clark '92 S4-mods

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