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Mon Feb 12 10:23:02 EST 2001

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kirby.a.smith at lmco.com writes:

> I would supplement this with ur-S4 MY 1994 and ur-S6 MY 1995 used the
>  torsen/lockable rear.  The EDL MY 1995.5 were built in late '95 I think and
>  sold in '96.
>  kirby
That is correct, the early 95 cars still used the 3 channel abs with the 
locker rear, the 95.5 went 4 channel with edl.  This was a vin split change, 
sorry I didn't include the .5 in my address.

Also had some folks post wrt Gen IV quattro being in the new A4/S4.  I 
referenced audiwold model specifications (I presumed they lifted from audi 
AG), which only references quattro IV in the Haldex TT.  I personaly used 
that because to me a software change to add ESP/EDL variations to the Gen III 
doesn't constitute Gen IV.  Haldex does.



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