[torsen] RE: 15mph diff lock off

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Mon Feb 12 19:21:45 EST 2001

Where does this end Davie?  I advocate you get off your butt and try 
something...  You advocate (from *only* your voluminous SAE library of 
notable quotables) that it's been "done".  Well, not exactly, specifically 
it's only been done with .8 and .25 split u, limited conclusions based on 
limited testing.  Any curiosity as to why this exact paper hasn't resulted in 
a class action suit by all Gen I drivers, or a mandated recall to retrofit 
the Gen I to disengage at 15mph?  Like maybe audi AG (and their insurance 
company/lawyers) assumes the drivers might have and *use* their heads for 
something other than a hat rack? (ha, that was a direct quote from my 9th 
grade shop teacher)

Stubborness over a 5minute mod seems a bit closed minded to me. If you find 
you can't handle the results, it only takes a flip of the installed switch or 
a solder and wax sealed connection of BL/WHT to put it back.  Be careful to 
unhook the battery first (oh, wait, forget it, it's a ground signal;)

Keyboard driving is neat, just not applicable here.     I own and thoroughly 
understand what's been written in 880321, and challenged the results wrt 
'completeness', and in the context of Steamboat: relevence.  FYI, I did ante 
up:  Results.  You almost make me want to apologize for my reckless abandon 
in BTDT.  

Mercy, you almost had me there ;'o). You *go* girl!
Thanks for the entertainment as always dave, sometimes I forget to laugh at 

Diff locker duder recklessly locking diffs at the most inopportune times

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Dave.Eaton at clear.net.nz writes:

> errr yes exactly.  i'm happy to disable the switch as you suggest, but
>  before i do i need the address of your business as my insurance company 
>  want to talk to you if, as a result of your advice, i knowingly disable a
>  safety-related feature of my car, and have an accident.
>  happy to do it, if you take your tongue out of your cheek and ante up.
>  dave

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