[torsen] RE: RE: 15mph diff lock off

Brendan Rudack rudack at ucsub.colorado.edu
Mon Feb 12 20:35:54 EST 2001

Ummm, right....
Yea, ummm State Farm, I'm gonna have to ask you to call this guy in the
U.S. ... Ummm. you see... well, I was driving...and then there was this
switch you see...and he said, and I well....then ummmm...it was 
like...bang..bonk. crash. Yea, so If you could do that...Riiighht.
And as my mom always told me:

Dave, if an SAE paper told you to jump off a cliff.....

GO buy an old 4000 Q.  Find an open field and get back to us.

Brendan Rudack
University of Colorado
Mechanical Engineering

On Tue, 13 Feb 2001, Dave Eaton wrote:

> errr yes exactly.  i'm happy to disable the switch as you suggest, but
> before i do i need the address of your business as my insurance company will
> want to talk to you if, as a result of your advice, i knowingly disable a
> safety-related feature of my car, and have an accident.
> happy to do it, if you take your tongue out of your cheek and ante up.
> dave
> '95 rs2
> '90 ur-q

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