[torsen] Who Let the Dogs Out?

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Thu Feb 22 11:13:09 EST 2001

 Shhhh....  While closing up my shop late last night, I heard that once 
familiar v8 gurgle and a flash of pearl black sneak out the door...  
Whoooops... Not again?!

After absolutely munching #2 connecting rod at Road America Qclub event last 
year (overrev), Bob Dupree's LT1Q has been sleeping in my shop, getting close 
to becoming  der'parts car...  As of yesterday, that has changed completely.  
Bob put the latest LT1 motor into the 5ktq just before Steamboat, but it 
wasn't quite ready for the trip (bogey time got us), so he took his pristine 
urq.  Yesterday, he cleaned up the last of the engine wiring, completed an 
interior swap, added a killer off the shelf sound sytem (the 12in woofer thru 
the ski bag hole works great), and cleaned up the trim and exterior.  Man a 
quarter crank of the flywheel to start that beast creates envy...

Following the car along Lake Shore Drive last night, really made me laugh my 
ass off (or maybe it was holding out 4 fingers for 40mph, 5 for 50 :).  A 
crazier project has never eminated from my garage, and the sight and sound of 
it brought back memories of Monterey:  The German race car techs blipping the 
throttle with enormous grins; Ned wondering if the LT1 would fit in a 90q 
body; Ingo & I driving comfortably for "hours" at more than double NV/UT 
state speed limits, everyone waking up just to 'do' the entrance ramp thing...

A toast to Bob Dupree for patience, persistence and creatively bringing btdt 
to a really wild one-off application of the LT1 virtual concept.  Looking 
forward to the ride <again>!  Bug bob for more recent pics, but the outdated 
ones can be found at:

"Please hold all children firmly by the hand and follow the yellow line" - 
Disney tour paige

Scott Justusson
er, "Trainer"
Team  LT1Q - vette powered '87 5ktq

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