[torsen] Re: Who Let the Dogs Out?

Lawrence C Leung l.leung at juno.com
Thu Feb 22 17:11:25 EST 2001

Now all we have to do is wait for someone to wreck a Z06 near either of
you. 380/380 emissions legal, out of the box. Can't imagine what could be
found after a little massaging. 

LL - NY - shimmed WG and totally envious :-)

On Thu, 22 Feb 2001 11:11:38 EST QSHIPQ at aol.com writes:
> Shhhh....  While closing up my shop late last night, I heard that 
>familiar v8 gurgle and a flash of pearl black sneak out the door...  
>Whoooops... Not again?!
>After absolutely munching #2 connecting rod at Road America Qclub 
>event last 
>year (overrev), Bob Dupree's LT1Q has been sleeping in my shop, 
>getting close 
>to becoming  der'parts car...  As of yesterday, that has changed 
>Bob put the latest LT1 motor into the 5ktq just before Steamboat, but 
>wasn't quite ready for the trip (bogey time got us), so he took his 
>urq.  Yesterday, he cleaned up the last of the engine wiring, 
>completed an 
>interior swap, added a killer off the shelf sound sytem (the 12in 
>woofer thru 
>the ski bag hole works great), and cleaned up the trim and exterior.  
>Man a 
>quarter crank of the flywheel to start that beast creates envy...
>Following the car along Lake Shore Drive last night, really made me 
>laugh my 
>ass off (or maybe it was holding out 4 fingers for 40mph, 5 for 50 :). 
> A 
>crazier project has never eminated from my garage, and the sight and 
>sound of 
>it brought back memories of Monterey:  The German race car techs 
>blipping the 
>throttle with enormous grins; Ned wondering if the LT1 would fit in a 
>body; Ingo & I driving comfortably for "hours" at more than double 
>state speed limits, everyone waking up just to 'do' the entrance ramp 
>A toast to Bob Dupree for patience, persistence and creatively 
>bringing btdt 
>to a really wild one-off application of the LT1 virtual concept.  
>forward to the ride <again>!  Bug bob for more recent pics, but the 
>ones can be found at:
>"Please hold all children firmly by the hand and follow the yellow 
>line" - 
>Disney tour paige
>Scott Justusson
>er, "Trainer"
>Team  LT1Q - vette powered '87 5ktq

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