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Jani.Peltopuro at poyry.fi Jani.Peltopuro at poyry.fi
Thu Jan 18 11:20:04 EST 2001

According to the German article the sizes were 265/35 and 235/40 (not 45). 
That is 0.5% of a difference.

SJ wrote
Also, one would need to address heat problems associated with preloading 
torsen with no other mods but tires. 

This was discussed in the article, and it was pointed out, that it is no 
problem since the tyre diameters are equal.

SJ wrote
Let's get the quote exactly right:  "... the strong understeer went away". 
That really doesn't mean oversteer, only less understeer, or at best 

We Finns have a saying that goes something like "quotes like the Devil 
quotes the Bible", meaning you take one sentence and use it to argue your 
point. Which is, surprise surprise torque distribution. 

SJ wrote
"neutral" which by definition (without shifting actual weight) is 

??? By definition your car understeers even in a straight line? Must make 
you happy knowing how you like U...

By definition, IMHO,
-Neutral is neutral, goes where you point it 
-Understeer goes straight in turns, or turns less than you'd like
-Oversteer it turns more than you'd want

Neutral is what you ideally would have, then it would be easiest to adjust 
the car's attitude by driving style to the preferred state of the driver, 
be that U or O. The fact is the modification makes perfect sense, at least 
to me, when considering 100% driving on track. The part about the VW-Audi 
Car article that annoys me is the comparison of rear roll bars between RS2 
and S2, since the weight bias is different,you can't directly compare 
diameters. RS2 has 56f/44, S2 has 60f/40.

Sorry I don't have time to scan the German article now, or argue this 
further than maybe tomorrow, leaving for Bali on Sunday. Even Scott can't 
ruin my mood :-))

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