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Jani.Peltopuro at poyry.fi Jani.Peltopuro at poyry.fi
Thu Jan 18 13:25:07 EST 2001

SJ wrote:
One has to 
question Jani, given the ease of availability of the RS2 part here, why it 

wasn't used.  In the context of rear ASB discussions vs spring rates on 
list something to consider.

The propable reason they did not use the RS2 rear bar in the S2 rear 
suspension is that it does not fit. I've looked it at both the cars from 
underneath, and I'm 95% certain the parts are not interchangeable. In the 
ETKA the part numbers are same, except for the L/H, but these look 

The market for uprated S2 rear bars is somewhat limited, so MTM will not 
produce one. And if you can get it right with springs,why bother. My S2 
was quite nice with very stiff rear and not quite so stiff fronts, (from 
the 200 20V rally cars asfalt springs...I mean stiff) but the street use 
suffers, no comfort at all. That is why I'd consider doing it with roll 

About neutral I still will disagree with you, regardless of the weight 
balance of a car, neutral is neutral. A little like red is red, whether 
it's a Ferrari of a Fiat. Neutral goes where you point it, if it starts 
drifting,both ends loose traction at the same time -> 4-wheel drift.

Best regards,

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