[torsen] Upgraded Diff Lock project complete

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Sat Jan 27 11:09:02 EST 2001

After 3 years on the shelf, I bit the bullet and installed 2 diff lock 
controller units donated from 2 urs4 cars into my '83 tqc.  FYI, I installed 
the '87tq 2 scene diff graphics, 2 urs4 diff lock switches and 1 vision 
series 30Hg>25psi vdo boost guage into the diff lock center panel.  I must 
say, I have waaaaay to much time in this mod, but it works really well, and 
looks stock in the car.  Looking forward to trying it out at steamboat next 

Not sure about the overheat protection circuit I was advised of, but my 
45minute ops check last night included center diff locked the whole time, 
without any cutout.  I also hand tested for heat buildup, didn't notice any, 
but I'm bringing my drill to steamboat just in case ;).

Works as follows:
Switches are stacked just to the right of the graphic panel, upper switch 
controls front diff, lower switch controls rear diff (you can engage them 
independently only, my reasoning is that I run center diff locked pretty much 
all the time in spirited driving anyhow).  Push switch once, diff goes on, 
push switch again, diff goes off, that simple.  Per the later style diff 
locks, the switch triangle comes on/goes off with the touch, but the actual 
LED waits for the signal from the switches mounted in the trans/diff.  I have 
retained the speed input cutout for a master cutoff switch that I may mount 
sometime later.

The A/C is removed from both my Urq's, so I mounted the controllers to the 
back of the glove box, made a custom harness for the controllers to switch 
panel, and piggybacked the 2 extra (rear) diff lines thru the center console 
to the back.

Without question the best mod I've done to the gen 1 quattro system.

I'll give a more detailed report following a more grueling test flight at 
Steamboat next weekend.

'84 RS2URQ
'83 Urq

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