[torsen] Big rear bar-snap oversteer

Erik Ringelberg eringelberg at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 27 13:24:02 EST 2001

My own experience:

Dry roads, great tires, and a big rear bar is nothing but a pleasure. I use 
a big rear bar on my 4kq and even a nissan pathfinder. But come winter, I 
take the bar ends off. I find that snap oversteer happens much more readily 
with a big rear bar.

The real problem with a big rear bar however is that it takes away traction. 
What is really needed is to ADD traction at the front. Bigger rims, stiffer 
springs (up to a point), and wider tires are ther real prescription. Better 
still, get rid of all the front weight you can.
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