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John Petersen petersen007 at earthlink.net
Sun Jan 28 02:19:03 EST 2001

Hi Scott,
         I was reading this and what I once thought I was concrete on I am 
now confused. I was under the impression that the V8 automatic was the only 
Audi with a rear torsen. Which other cars have rear torsens? Do V8 manuals 
have 2 torsens (all 50 or whatever in the US)?
         Another set of questions, you mentioned that the V8 rear torsen 
could be installed on an urS4, does this require axle modifications? Is 
this a bolt-up affair? What kind of weight will this add to the car? Is the 
gearing the same, or would I have to open up the diff to change stuff around?

thanks for your help

At 01:01 PM 1/27/01 -0500, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
>The illustrations in both Bentley, ETKA and the microfiche gives the illusion
>that there is a rear "locking" torsen.  This is *NOT* the case.  You either
>have a lockable rear diff (up to 93S4 in the usa) or a torsen rear diff (v8
>all, Scars all from '93).
>The USA uses the following references:
><1988 manual locking center and rear diffs
>88> either gen 1 or torsen center, torsens started with the 80/90 chassis
>first, then went to the 5k/200 chassis by 1989 (rear locker with 15mph speed
>disable introduced with the center torsen intro)
>!989>1993  center torsen, rear locking diff (speed disabled).  Exception  V8
>application: center torsen (5spd), electric clutch lock (early auto), rear
>torsen (all)
>1994>  Torsen center, EDL rear
>All drawings referencing a locking rear torsen are incorrect as printed.
>   ------------------------------------------------

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