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> Hi Scott,
>           I was reading this and what I once thought I was concrete on I am 
>  now confused. I was under the impression that the V8 automatic was the 
>  Audi with a rear torsen. Which other cars have rear torsens? Do V8 manuals 
>  have 2 torsens (all 50 or whatever in the US)?

My understanding is that the only car with rear torsen is the v8 - ALL

>           Another set of questions, you mentioned that the V8 rear torsen 
>  could be installed on an urS4, does this require axle modifications? Is 
>  this a bolt-up affair? What kind of weight will this add to the car? Is 
>  gearing the same, or would I have to open up the diff to change stuff 

The v8 uses a 4.11 gearset, without looking at ETKA or the cars, I would bet 
them to be a direct bolt on modification.  That said, I think the only abs S 
cars it would fit without abs/edl interface problems would be 92 and early 93 
UrS4.  Once you get into the 4channel abs with edl, you will have 2 traction 
control devices in the back, IMO, optimistically hoping that they complement 
each other.  Not sure about weight, but since you are putting any potential 
extra weight in the back, a couple more pounds there isn't going to hurt you 
much in terms of handling.



>  thanks for your help
>  -John
At 01:01 PM 1/27/01 -0500, QSHIPQ at aol.com wrote:
>The illustrations in both Bentley, ETKA and the microfiche gives the illusion
>that there is a rear "locking" torsen.  This is *NOT* the case.  You either
>have a lockable rear diff (up to 93S4 in the usa) or a torsen rear diff (v8

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