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urquattro urquattro at phoenixdsl.com
Sun Jan 28 16:02:02 EST 2001

> >           Another set of questions, you mentioned that the V8 rear
> >  could be installed on an urS4, does this require axle modifications? Is
> >  this a bolt-up affair? What kind of weight will this add to the car? Is
> >  gearing the same, or would I have to open up the diff to change stuff
> around?
> The v8 uses a 4.11 gearset, without looking at ETKA or the cars, I would
> them to be a direct bolt on modification.  That said, I think the only abs
> cars it would fit without abs/edl interface problems would be 92 and early
> UrS4.

... while I admit that there is a bit of ambiguity here, I do not believe
that it is safe to say that ALL V8's have 4.11 FDRs ... I will agree that
the '90 cars and the '91 5 speeds have 4.11:1, but if you came across a rear
diff from a '91 automatic it might well have a different ratio ... I haven't
looked at the '92-on cars, but I doubt that the 4.2 used the higher ratio
either ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)

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