[torsen] locking diff. question

Ben Lamberson bender at wercs.com
Tue Jun 5 21:37:09 EDT 2001

I just bought an '86 4000csq. The number #12 fuse kept blowing. The
diff. still worked fine, center locking in position 1 and rear in
position 2. I had the local dealer fix the short. It was a wiring
harreness pinched between the transmission and bellhousing. The short is

fixed but now in position 1 the rear diff. locks and in position 2 the
front won't lock. I took it back to the dealer and left it there so they

could test it. I was told it is fine but there center diff is slow and
it took the car about 5 miles of driving at idle for it to ingage and 2
miles to disengage. My question is is this normal or should I go back
once again. I wouldn't have bought the car if the diffs were working
like this. Thanks for any help.

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