[torsen] Re: [urq] Re: q-list 10th anniversary...

Jouko Haapanen joukoh at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 8 20:39:05 EDT 2001

Speaking off cross-posts and slogans, maybe we could make a special
shirt for the Tor*en listers...using the Ali vs. Foreman 1974 slogan
"rumble in the jungle"....



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> ... ISTR that they sold well enough for Bob to at least have
recouped his
> investment.  I still appreciate the fact that Bob Myers went out on
a limb
> to get that done!
> For my tuppence, it seems to me that an anniversary event is
different than
> for which the stickers were intended ... the stickers were put forth
as a
> way to get the word out on the existence of the list, and possibly a
way for
> otherwise faceless qlisters to recognize each other on the road.
> I think the proper way of acknowledging the anniversary is with a
> hat or mug ... and I would most definitely be in for at least one
> ... probably more, especially if we make sure that kid sizes were
> To my mind the cap or shirt would be preferable, as they are things
that can
> be worn to indicate to others that you are a qlister.  Back for MH99
Tom Nas
> brought me a stunning red T-shirt with the quattro logo on the right
> ... I would like to see something like that here ... except with the
> Audifans logo on it, and perhaps some catchy anniversary slogan on
the back.
> I think it would be good to either choose an unusual color for the
shirt, or
> make the shirt available in a lot of colors (a la IBMWR).  They did
> shirts for us here at work once, and rather than scaling the artwork
for the
> kiddie shirt they simply used the logo on the front of the larger
shirt on
> the back of the smaller size.
> ... perhaps Jouko's line at the end of his post could be that slogan
> Steve Buchholz
> San Jose, CA (USA)
> (... looking forward to having to approve a lot of replies because
of my own
> wild cross post ... :)
> >
> > Decals don't seem to sell all that well (right Bob?)
> >
> > How about a 10th anniversary coffee mug and/or tshirt, or
> > baseball cap,
> > etc?  There is a shop in Canada that did some nice work on VW
> > TDI items
> > for the folks over at tdiclub.com, and I've already spoken to
> > him about
> > doing something for us.  His work is not cheap but it's top
> >
> > Jouko Haapanen wrote:
> > >
> > > We are getting perilously close to the 10th anniversary of the
> > > The first archived messages are from June 15, 1991 - I do
> > believe that
> > > there were a couple of messages older than that for some reason
> > > are not in the archives.  Does anyone have a 10-year q-list
> > > celebratory decal designed?  If we all bought one at
$10.00-20.00 a
> > > piece, we could raise some money for the list.  Any interest out
> > > there?  It couldn't hurt to raise a few bucks.
> > >
> > > Like a good wine, it keeps getting better...

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