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Thu Mar 1 12:55:31 EST 2001

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gpowell at ennovatenetworks.com writes:

> Did they still have to jack-up the ride-height SUV-style as with the 325ix
>  to work-around the fact that the car was not designed with AWD in mind?

Not obvious that I noticed Glen, but I don't have a 330i to compare to ;).  
My buddy did indicate that the weight gain for awd was only 175lbs
>  Do they still run one of the front axles through the crank-case?
I believe it still does that.  But after exploring this (in terms of flaws) 
on the 325ix list, this is *not* a known failure component of the 325ix (the 
clutchpacks, clutch and other parts are, but not the axles, seals or routing 
thru the pan)
>  Just curious....
>  I've raced with a 325ix with an after-market turbo setup - it was a pretty
>  mean machine!

The chassis balance and stiffness of that 330ix will up the ante for sure.  


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